Monday, February 25, 2019

Treebraids by Kaale- I Lost All Your Phone numbers - Call/Text Me!

Hello ladies (and gentlemen), if you haven't contacted me recently, I have no way of reaching you- I lost your number- my phone crashed! Poor phone was working overtime and couldn't keep up. I love that phone. I planned to post some really beautiful treebraids I did on some new, and existing clients. Cannot do that now, because the phone crashed, and I lost my data! I still have not replaced the phone thinking any day now the phone (that has crashed) will magically come alive and reveal all that content( sigh)!

After all when you pay extra for good service, you want to be pampered, right? The phone company is going to fix it- right? So dissappointed, but then thank God I posted some of those pics on social media already. We will have to make do with the few I posted then. I had reserved some pictures and not posted them- I planned to also make a movie out of them.

Oh wow, yes those movies- majority of them were not posted....(ugh!).

Do you know that sometimes I don't post because I can't remember ALL of my passwords? However for some strange reason I remembered it today, so I am, posting away. Feels so good to be back. I hope y'all missed me even a little bit (as I smile). Sometimes when I can't login, cannot remember my own secret phrase, I say to myself, goodness, what's up with that? Well, you know, and I know, that when you don't remember your password then its "No soup for you!" Gosh, I love Seinfeld, don't you?

Contact me soon on (609)213-7985.

If you contacted me on the other phone, I won't get it because I am using the above number's sim card on the other phone. I just cannot wait until technology keeps up with my needs lol.

PS: If you know any data recovery tricks, please share!

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