Monday, February 25, 2019

Online Hair Training and Coaching

Hi ladies and gentlemen!


Welcome to online hair learning and coaching! Wow, together we have grown so much. I also have so much I have learned that I am ready to share, along with many secrets to success. I've been down some paths that I can truly say were lessons learned, never to be repeated. I can save you from ever making the mistakes I made along the way to success that took years. Now I can share them with you so you can hit the ground running from day one!

There is truth to the saying: "never give up: only losers quit!" I have worked diligently to find the right partnerships to bring you online courses you could be proud of, that have all the features that are important to you as a professional, that are user-friendly, even for a beginner.

Brazilian knots class -Theory Module 1 is up in partnership with

THE PROCESS: So here is how this works- when you buy the pre-sale course.

Start with getting module 1, Theory. You must include your skill level status- in the shopping cart or e-mail to: info at Your status is either beginner, intermediate, advanced, salon owner, or educator, or other. Within 3 business days, the course will be customized and made suitable just for your specific needs. This process makes sure that you will receive specific training you need that will be more advantageous to you, and that actually help you to achieve many other goals.

After passing the short test -the course makes it easy- you will receive a certificate.

Module 2 is the practicals, with in-depth instructions and un-missable steps to successfully guide you through the course. So good luck- I know you will be successful too.

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