Monday, June 5, 2017

Finally! Goal Achieved For Treebraids, Hair extensions, and African Hair Braiding Site

Hello ladies, welcome to yet another blog.


Wow! Only this past May we blogged. Oh oh, I see an improvement here. Dare I say that every other month at least from now on, you can expect to read a blog entry from me, Treebraids by Kaale? Oh goodness, I believe once I make this statement, it should be a goal. Woah! Let's not get ahead of ourselves says I with a smile. This is definitely ambitious of me, especially at this time when everything online needs upgrading.

I remember when blogging on one platform or another was a weekly thing. It was amazing. My thoughts flowed right through my fingers and created hubs of knowledge shared worldwide. I also wrote articles more often. So why am I going down memory lane? The now upgraded main website gives me life. It's my baby of sorts.


It's okay to achieve a goal late if it cannot be helped. Especially when there are so many other goals to be achieved on the to do list that require almost daily attention. In life we don't always get it all.


Imagine you had a baby that needed something that you could not provide for. In real life that sucks! Well that was this website. Developers wanted thousands of dollars to upgrade it from the text link navigation based website that it was. Almost two decades later, its finally done. And it hardly cost anything close to that fortune.


I have learned, and still continue to learn, that the shiny toys are not always the best if they cannot be achieved. The only shiny toy I need are my skills and experience, and my wonderful, lovely clients who need hair replacement MAGIC fingers. Also, that if one truly desires a shiny toy and works long enough, it just might happen. It was always in the back of my mind. I wanted more for the site and every opportunity, would push a little harder for it. However, the truth is that there were other things more pressing, and more desirable, as mentioned in the previous post, that needed to be taken care of.

Wow! We are finally here with a website that no longer looks 'Mom and Pop'. To some, this is not an achievement, but for me and some of you readers who understand where I am coming from, this next level is HUGE. So now is all grown up and is all about hair, training, and educating, with a Hair Club. Even got its own grown up affiliate website now.

To those customers and fans who have waited so long to see this transition, I know you got to be like- finally! Right?

My sentiments exactly.


Let's keep pushing on. No matter what goal we have listed on our to do list, no matter how big the goal(s) may seem, let's pray for the strength, and health to see it through. God bless you all. If you are reading this, I hope that God blesses you immeasurably. Gives you the strength and the patience to see your goals through to fulfillment with many rainbows/ opportunities. God give you the faith to carry on. You can achieve what you set your mind to do- even if doing it alone. Or if it takes seemingly forever.

Follow your dreams!

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