Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Be Inspired to Dream, And to Dream Big! Treebraids by Kaale

This blog is dedicated to the amazing, wonderful, God-inspired, loving clients I have been so honored to grace beautiful treebraids styles, hair extensions, and have trained.

Dear Treebraids by Kaale fans: For over 16 years I have been inspired by YOU my clients and former students, and also inspired thousands of women from all over the world to go for their own dreams. Whether it is a dream of entrepreneurship, of expanding skill sets, or opening up a new world of opportunities inspired by your search for personal hair restoration, and healthy hair styling freedom, thank you.

Thank You!: You have inspired me- Kaale, to do more for you than was currently available.
  • 24 Hour Hair Braiding and Styling: Treebraids by Kaale first introduced 24hr hair braiding and hair styling.
  • Then we went on to introduce the first ever invisible hairline technique (braiding) that was a 'sold out' success: NoSho(SM) hair extensions. To this day, stylists all over the world get many requests for 'invisible treebraids' whereas before, they used to revise their online ads to read: 'REAL TREEBRAIDS'. I will talk a little bit more about the evolution of cornrow treebraids in another post
  • I could see the look on the patent examiners' faces that even they were impressed with NoSho(SM) hair extensions, thanks to your insistence to file for a patent.
  • Thank you! You know who you all are!
  • Thanks again for calling, e-mailing, and texting me with your hair concerns: you urged me to find solutions, inquired, and were awed by the power God can instill in a human being- you know who you are. Thanks to you amazing women, most of whom all grew their hair back thicker, longer, and stronger, other women have made a trip from all over the world to the 'Mecca' of hair growth solutions that started out as Treebraids by Kaale of www.youtube.com/kaaleshairbraiding fame.
  • Thank you for your many amazing suggestions, some of which were implemented quickly.
  • For example, thank you for your 'presentation' on why I should have a phone I could use while doing a client's hair, surf the website, identify a caller's style request, and simultaneously book an appointment all in less than 10 minutes!

Beyond the 'out of this world' tinkerings of an innovator, solutions are fueled by mercy, faith, passion, and most importantly, an understanding that God is the author of all these works. Only in retrospect and story telling by others do these feats make me- Kaale, appear to be something of a folklore.

Devinely Inspired: My dearest spiritually moved to share clients: you have moved my spirit to share time and again, that I believe all of us, all God's children, are created equal. We are all born already packaged with our God-given gifts. As we grow, and into corporate culture and other opportunities, we do pick up additional God-given and inspired gifts and talents along the way. If you were not first inspired, you could not then have shared your God-inspired thoughts and aspirations.

Journey: In this beauty business, I started as a young entrepreneur, excited to create unique styles using other people's hair beyond my own, my family, friends, and church members' hair. Since then, punctuated by corporate opportunities along the way, I continued on with my passion in the hair beauty business and followed my dreams. Allowing myself to be used for a greater purpose inspired joy and excitement and also renewed faith that there was a great need for who I am and what I can bring to the table. I have been honored to service your hair needs. The excitement and passion that is both cerebral and has also touched my heart ended up touching the hearts of many women, including their families.

Wow! How beautifully the Lord works. If I can go after my dreams, so can you- if you are still reading, then do I have something to share with you!
  • I have never shared this online before. I left a big chunk out in the middle.
  • The part where I was hit by a flatbed truck not too long after college.
  • Many years of prayers, and physical rehabilitation/ therapy got me back on my feet again. After telling what happened, most clients say they would have never known. Wow. Look at God and what he can do.
  • So here is to all my doctors, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cytogen Corporation, and many more who employed a partially disabled person struggling to be free from pain and physical handicap!
  • Thank you to the many people in grocery stores with compassion and patience as I used a stick to knock down items from a shelf into my cart. Thank you to those of you in various grocery stores who didn't scream intolerances but instead moved to a different isle or waited as I used pressure from both palms to lift items out of my cart so I could pay for them.
  • Thank you to those who watched me use my cart as a walking aid on wheels without laughing. Thank you to all the drivers who did not honk at my car while I tried to merge into traffic with a neck brace and limited peripheral vision trying to make it to my various doctors' appointments.
  • Thank you to my family, without whom I would not have made it. To my sister, who took leave twice that year from her job in England to make sure I could make it, even though her boss was upset the second time.
  • Here we are, 17 years later, praising God for 17 years and counting. I cannot believe I am able to live and work and praise him still.

The list goes on and on...so thank you to all the good people of the world!

Thank you!

The best is yet to come...we have a new addition so stay tuned!

If you are new to Treebraids by Kaale, NoSho(SM) hair extensions, CEOGirl(SM) hair, and travel services, see links for more information: 1. Dictionary of braid definitions 2. CEOGirl(SM) hair extensions 3. CEO NaturalFusion Brazilian knots 4. Dreadlocks removal service 5. NEW! Coming soon to a city near you and online- stay tuned- many more to come.

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