Saturday, November 29, 2014

Maintenance Products For Tree Braids and More

Treebraids new styles for non-local ladies we did. The previous blog touched on treebraids based on facial structure. This blog will talk a little bit about treebraids hair used to achieve a specific look to frame any face. Straight and wavy type hair works great.




I believe we used body wave this time instead of straight virgin hair. There is a subtle difference. MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS: Regimen for straight and wavy hair treebraids and other styles are the easiest.
For man made hair, blends, and synthetics, use sheen. If mousse is desired, add on top of sheen. Use mousse sparingly as it is a drying agent and has excessive build up, requiring more frequent hair washing, and we know synthetics cannot be washed successfully without dire consequences. An exception is Batik.

See regimen for virgin hair treebraids in previous blogs or see some details below.

Products used are your regular conditioner about 3 bottle caps full. It can also be quickly measured by pouring a small quantity of conditioner in the palm of a hand and coating one side starting at the top near the roots and working your way to the tips. Apply to the other side. Next take a section of hair at the crown and make sure that's coated with conditioner also. WASHING VIRGIN HAIR TREEBRAIDS:
Cornrow treebraidskkkNIGHT TIME REGIMEN: To get wavy hair: brush hair, add a little argan oil, then braid, two strand twist or do a quick single twist and secure under a silk bonnet- same as I have been recommending for over 10 years now. Choice of braid, or twist doesn't make too much of a difference, however for wavier looking results separate hair into smaller sections. For me two sections braided or twisted for a loose wave works great!

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