Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lace Front and Silk Base Closures With Treebraids

Treebraids are great. However enter lace front closures and silk base closures with or without treebraids or sewin hair extensions and versatility just went up to a whole new level. Treebraids are great because you can reach your scalp. In the past it was a challenge when presented with hair less than 1/2" in front and the client couldn't get cornrow treebraids, but didn't want to wear a wig or other hairloss aid.

What to do when a client wanted cornrow treebraids but has extremely short hair was quite a challenge to say the least. When a client has little to no hair at the crown of their head or a buzz cut, or extremely thin hair they used to have to wait get my NoSho(SM) treebraids, or grow some hair first.

Not any more.

If you have enough hair to catch you can get individual treebraids. New! You can now also get a lace front sewin- yes, SEWIN!

If you have enough hair to braid cornrows you can get either cornrow treebraids in the back (and sides if length permits) or individual treebraids. New! You can now also get a lace front sewin or silk base closure sewin!


The silk base closure and lacefront closure sewin will OUTLAST your cornrow treebraids and individual treebraids! The only caveat is the hairline will have to be tightened once or twice while you have it in.


What is great about the lace front and silk base closures is that you have access to your hairline and can scrub gently with diluted shampoos and conditioners to your hearts content.

After rinsing off blot dry and air dry. Next, apply very light moisturizer ON the hairline. Next use EDGES water-based gel sparingly on baby hairs and use a soft brush to gently brush toward, or away from the hairline in slightly curved motion. Finish off with a very small dab of LOC AND TWIST GEL, and continue the sweeping movements with the brush at the hairline.

This last action will soften up the Edges gel and together they turn any tightly coiled hairline into a texture that blends with any closure curl pattern and texture you chose for your install.

The hair itself only needs a little water sprayed on it. Add ARGAN oil very sparingly. If it doesn't come with an applicator place a dime size amount in the palm of a hand then rub vigorously between the palms of your hands. Next dab sparingly on all areas of your hair. Pull hair at tips, comb or brush, the brush your hands gently over hair to distribute excess product and to smooth hair.

Order your lace front closures:

Ships in 3-4 business days.

Ships in 3-4 business days.

Ships in 3-4 business days.