Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TreeBraids Training Class: Cornrow Treebraids, Individual Treebraids in USA


Join our revolution to end the year 2014 with a big bang with more money in your pockets! We are looking for several ladies who are ready to join our brand.

LEARN TREEBRAIDS techniques! Learn from the best.

Treebraids are revolutionizing the way women wear their hair, and are allowing more women than could have ever had the opportunity to wear their hair natural.

The natural hair revolution has collided with my treebraids techniques: traditional, semi-traditional, and NoSho(sm). So many ladies with hair loss at the edges, middle of the head, etc., will thank you for your new skills.

Hope is just around the corner. Sign up with the KAALE brand, meet new people, make your own money, more money, and never look back! Spreading the wealth.

You will love what you can do after training with Treebraids by Kaale!

If you have already contacted me/us, stop sitting on the sidelines watching other people making it in life. You know not to underestimate the power of training from the best to help you hit the ground running making money practically from day 1! You know I am the best otherwise you wouldn't have contacted me/us.

You have the power to point and click, and that ladies, is when you know you are not making any more excuses. That's all that matters to your trainer. Imagine calling for training but not following through. I/we can only wonder if you meant all the things you said about wanting more for your life, including the power to control the path your life is going in.

Do us both a favor. Don't call to pour your heart out then do nothing. That's an insult to both of us. We want you to succeed. Therefore we are suggesting the following as a guide to the ladies in question: use the following links to help decide what step YOU want to take. No one can tell you what to do except you know what you want to do.

From there, we will take you by the hand and you will train from an expert that's the best in the business. You will not only be one of the best out there with our training and guidance. After training you will know more about how to handle the business end of your new craft: treebraids.

Click here to order treebraids training visit: http://www.upalmit.com/braidstraining.html

Click here for treebraids only, traditional, beginners: http://www.upalmit.com/traintreebraid.html

Join the revolution.

Training every Monday and Wednesday.

Travel may be available.

This message is for you especially if you usually have more week than money, feel depressed when a new Monday is coming up, hate your commute to work, hate your boss- doesn't support your, makes you do all his/her work and takes all the credit, co-workers are stuck up, or you just can't stand the position you are currently in. Step by step we can help you obliterate all these problems and end them. Passionate about hair and the hair business? We want YOU! Thanks for reading, and see you after the click of the order button! You belong with me! Real training. Real bills paid. Real peace of mind. So you ended the procrastination and its time. Great! Time to earn. "God is in her she shall not fail" Kaale

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Maintenance Products For Tree Braids and More

Treebraids new styles for non-local ladies we did. The previous blog touched on treebraids based on facial structure. This blog will talk a little bit about treebraids hair used to achieve a specific look to frame any face. Straight and wavy type hair works great.




I believe we used body wave this time instead of straight virgin hair. There is a subtle difference. MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS: Regimen for straight and wavy hair treebraids and other styles are the easiest.
For man made hair, blends, and synthetics, use sheen. If mousse is desired, add on top of sheen. Use mousse sparingly as it is a drying agent and has excessive build up, requiring more frequent hair washing, and we know synthetics cannot be washed successfully without dire consequences. An exception is Batik.

See regimen for virgin hair treebraids in previous blogs or see some details below.

Products used are your regular conditioner about 3 bottle caps full. It can also be quickly measured by pouring a small quantity of conditioner in the palm of a hand and coating one side starting at the top near the roots and working your way to the tips. Apply to the other side. Next take a section of hair at the crown and make sure that's coated with conditioner also. WASHING VIRGIN HAIR TREEBRAIDS:
Cornrow treebraidskkkNIGHT TIME REGIMEN: To get wavy hair: brush hair, add a little argan oil, then braid, two strand twist or do a quick single twist and secure under a silk bonnet- same as I have been recommending for over 10 years now. Choice of braid, or twist doesn't make too much of a difference, however for wavier looking results separate hair into smaller sections. For me two sections braided or twisted for a loose wave works great!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Tree Braids Styles

More Treebraids

Treebraids (also known as Tree Braids) styles. So what styles are your neighbors, local area, friends, and colleagues wearing up to this time this year? Take a look at some of the tree braids styles ladies are rocking and decide which one is for you, who looks like you (facial feature) or forehead lol! I know- some ladies don't use that as a guide. However it was brought to my attention that sometimes it is an important factor. The next blog will talk about similarities in another or different factor. .

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lace Front and Silk Base Closures With Treebraids

Treebraids are great. However enter lace front closures and silk base closures with or without treebraids or sewin hair extensions and versatility just went up to a whole new level. Treebraids are great because you can reach your scalp. In the past it was a challenge when presented with hair less than 1/2" in front and the client couldn't get cornrow treebraids, but didn't want to wear a wig or other hairloss aid.

What to do when a client wanted cornrow treebraids but has extremely short hair was quite a challenge to say the least. When a client has little to no hair at the crown of their head or a buzz cut, or extremely thin hair they used to have to wait get my NoSho(SM) treebraids, or grow some hair first.

Not any more.

If you have enough hair to catch you can get individual treebraids. New! You can now also get a lace front sewin- yes, SEWIN!

If you have enough hair to braid cornrows you can get either cornrow treebraids in the back (and sides if length permits) or individual treebraids. New! You can now also get a lace front sewin or silk base closure sewin!


The silk base closure and lacefront closure sewin will OUTLAST your cornrow treebraids and individual treebraids! The only caveat is the hairline will have to be tightened once or twice while you have it in.


What is great about the lace front and silk base closures is that you have access to your hairline and can scrub gently with diluted shampoos and conditioners to your hearts content.

After rinsing off blot dry and air dry. Next, apply very light moisturizer ON the hairline. Next use EDGES water-based gel sparingly on baby hairs and use a soft brush to gently brush toward, or away from the hairline in slightly curved motion. Finish off with a very small dab of LOC AND TWIST GEL, and continue the sweeping movements with the brush at the hairline.

This last action will soften up the Edges gel and together they turn any tightly coiled hairline into a texture that blends with any closure curl pattern and texture you chose for your install.

The hair itself only needs a little water sprayed on it. Add ARGAN oil very sparingly. If it doesn't come with an applicator place a dime size amount in the palm of a hand then rub vigorously between the palms of your hands. Next dab sparingly on all areas of your hair. Pull hair at tips, comb or brush, the brush your hands gently over hair to distribute excess product and to smooth hair.

Order your lace front closures:http://www.remyhairsales.com/lace-closures-shop-and-buy-remy-closures.html

Ships in 3-4 business days.

Ships in 3-4 business days.

Ships in 3-4 business days.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Treebraids- Pros and Cons Howcast Response and Hair

See my new youtube video entitled: Treebraids- Pros and Cons Howcast Response and Hair. This video is in response to the Howcast video. Unfortunately the presenter does not know too much about treebraids and gives a first impression that is not true of treebraids. If you are new to treebraids please be advised that treebraids are so much more. In this video response I show before and after of mild to severe hairloss before and after solutions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D940LgeT-fA

Another video I uploaded shows some recent Treebraids client installs. In that video I show a client whose hairline has improved significantly thanks to treebraids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPoTXhb63VA

Ladies treebraids and hairloss solutions are my life's work. Don't let ignorant 'philosophers' steer you away from treebraids. Don't let 'braiders' who are just in it for the money and with no innovative solutions to offer you, dissuade you from getting treebraids. See some more amazing innovative work done using treebraids: http://instagram.com/treebraidsbykaale

It is appropriate here to address what is happening out there with braiders that do not upgrade their skills and thus confuse the general public:

It is not ok to install boxbraids on a client's head when they ask for treebraids.

It is not ok to install crochet braids on a client's head when they ask for treebraids.

It is not ok to tell a client that treebraids are not possible with straight hair- think!


It is not ok to tell a potential client that some types of hair "shed"- shedding is reserved for weft or track hair extensions.

Remember, a braider creates a manual weft on a clients scalp in the process of treebraiding or adding strands of hair. If shedding occurs it is the braider's fault, not the hair. It's just a strand of hair at a time attached to braids. Therefore it is THE BRAIDS that were incorrectly connected, thus causing slippage when the client touches the strands or runs her hands through her hair.

It is NOT ok to deceive a potential client by saying there are cabs available at the train station stop yet YOU know no cabs want to go to that part of town, leaving the client stranded for hours.

It is NOT ok to tell a client that you have good quality hair when its crappy hair. Such hair should only be reserved for a client that has no money to buy her own hair and if not for that hair could not get her hair done at all. Even so...

It is not ok NOT to offer excellent quality hair OPTIONS and service.

It is not ok to tell potential clients that certain hair textures are too silky to braid- upgrade your skills instead.

It is not ok to tell a potential client that innovative, patent pending Double Breasted(SM) treebraids with NoSho(SM) Invisible Part is something that does not exist just because your lazy ass is not innovative. It's such a shame but some "braiders" are just in it for the money, won't help their clients, just one excuse after another not to excel themselves.

It is not ok to tell a client to bring all her children along, that there is a park nearby when there isn't!

It is NOT ok not to know the craft you expect to receive money from.

It is NOT ok to be so desperate to try and book clients by hook or crook- they will not say nice things about your errant ways and will take offense to the sad tactics.

It is not ok to belittle others achievements and patent(s) pending.

When my new client told me about the above, how horrendous the lies were, and how she trusted me instead, my spirit soared- a smile escaped my lips and I burst out laughing so unexpectedly that I was reminded I AM a big deal! The client said within 10 minutes of speaking with me she felt MORE comfortable than she ever felt speaking with this 'braider' from NY. She went further to state that the fact that I offered Paypal payments was a big plus. I don't know about you, but payment type options are excellent for a real small business to have. Paypal has reduced time wasters and made my appointments more efficiently run, leading to peace of mind for both the client and the business owner. Yes, cash payments are still available.

There is nothing more reassuring for a potential client than to have ALL their questions answered, and intelligently. Someone lost a high powered attorney who just had too many questions for their liking and asked: "Are you a braider?" Enough with attacking good solid potential clients already. If such braiders as I have just described don't want potential clients to get straight treebraids, or silky textured braiding hair like remy hair, these braiders should just say they don't know how to do them just yet.

Training is available- there is no shame in admitting guilt.

It is not ok to dissapoint a client by 'doing your own thing' when a client shows you a picture of a client wearing my NoSho(SM) and Invisible Hairline treebraids.

Enjoy- give me your feedback comments and questions. Thanks a bunch.