Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Treebraids With Virgin Brazilian Hair (609)213-7985

Treebraids with Virgin Brazilian hair is getting up there in rave reviews, but treebraids with pure remy and virgin pure remy hair is still holding the spot for favorite hair status. For example, see the images below and pick your favorites. The first set are MicroSmall individual treebraids with pure remy hair done in color #1 Jet black, body wave.

Treebraids With Remy Hair

Treebraids Individuals
Treebraids with 100% Indian remy hair
Treebraids- MicroSmall Individuals

Cornrow Treebraids With Remy Hair:

Double Breasted cornrow treebraids with Invisible Part
Cornrow treebraids
Cornrow treebraids

More Cornrow Treebraids With Remy Hair:

Treebraids with Invisible Hairline
Treebraids with Indian remy body wave

Treebraids With Virgin Brazilian Hair:

Treebraids with Brazilian remy hair tend to be fatter- a lady just called and asked me about that on Tuesday August 6 2013 so this blog has been updated and clarified on that point: Brazilian remy hair is denser than Indian remy hair. Therefore if your client does not want cornrows with no spacing or lines showing use less hair per strand per row so the parts can be visible. Why are the braids fatter? It's because Brazilian remy hair is far more dense than Indian remy. See the combo style below using small cornrow treebraids in front, and individual treebraids in the back:
Treebraids with Brazilian hair
Natural Wavy virgin Brazilian hair
Traditional cornrow treebraids with individual treebraids in back

Treebraids Individuals in back using Brazilian hair

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