Monday, February 25, 2019

Online Hair Training and Coaching

Hi ladies and gentlemen!


Welcome to online hair learning and coaching! Wow, together we have grown so much. I also have so much I have learned that I am ready to share, along with many secrets to success. I've been down some paths that I can truly say were lessons learned, never to be repeated. I can save you from ever making the mistakes I made along the way to success that took years. Now I can share them with you so you can hit the ground running from day one!

There is truth to the saying: "never give up: only losers quit!" I have worked diligently to find the right partnerships to bring you online courses you could be proud of, that have all the features that are important to you as a professional, that are user-friendly, even for a beginner.

Brazilian knots class -Theory Module 1 is up in partnership with

THE PROCESS: So here is how this works- when you buy the pre-sale course.

Start with getting module 1, Theory. You must include your skill level status- in the shopping cart or e-mail to: info at Your status is either beginner, intermediate, advanced, salon owner, or educator, or other. Within 3 business days, the course will be customized and made suitable just for your specific needs. This process makes sure that you will receive specific training you need that will be more advantageous to you, and that actually help you to achieve many other goals.

After passing the short test -the course makes it easy- you will receive a certificate.

Module 2 is the practicals, with in-depth instructions and un-missable steps to successfully guide you through the course. So good luck- I know you will be successful too.

Keep in touch!

Treebraids by Kaale- I Lost All Your Phone numbers - Call/Text Me!

Hello ladies (and gentlemen), if you haven't contacted me recently, I have no way of reaching you- I lost your number- my phone crashed! Poor phone was working overtime and couldn't keep up. I love that phone. I planned to post some really beautiful treebraids I did on some new, and existing clients. Cannot do that now, because the phone crashed, and I lost my data! I still have not replaced the phone thinking any day now the phone (that has crashed) will magically come alive and reveal all that content( sigh)!

After all when you pay extra for good service, you want to be pampered, right? The phone company is going to fix it- right? So dissappointed, but then thank God I posted some of those pics on social media already. We will have to make do with the few I posted then. I had reserved some pictures and not posted them- I planned to also make a movie out of them.

Oh wow, yes those movies- majority of them were not posted....(ugh!).

Do you know that sometimes I don't post because I can't remember ALL of my passwords? However for some strange reason I remembered it today, so I am, posting away. Feels so good to be back. I hope y'all missed me even a little bit (as I smile). Sometimes when I can't login, cannot remember my own secret phrase, I say to myself, goodness, what's up with that? Well, you know, and I know, that when you don't remember your password then its "No soup for you!" Gosh, I love Seinfeld, don't you?

Contact me soon on (609)213-7985.

If you contacted me on the other phone, I won't get it because I am using the above number's sim card on the other phone. I just cannot wait until technology keeps up with my needs lol.

PS: If you know any data recovery tricks, please share!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Treebraids Won Over Crochet - Clients Review Both!

Isn't it wonderful to have a style that lasts as long or longer than expected? For a while now when a client has extremely short hair, instead of the required small braids to "catch" the small strands of their own hair- causing that client to sit for longer, resulting in a more expensive style, I had been recommending crochet braids. Areas of hairloss where other sections of the scalp and hair are perfectly normal were recommended a combination technique. Let's face it, severe hairloss requires a combination of different techniques to lower the cost, and time for a client.

Why after decades of offering my long sought after techniques for short hair and hairloss did I start to recommend crochet braids? There was a trend for quick and cheap styles that could not be denied. However, some clients did not want the big hair that is inevitable. Not everyone is a fan of big hair. Trying to trim down the volume of big crochet hair is a time consuming losing battle. Treebraids volume can be pre-planned and controlled while installing. So now when crochet braids are offered to either existing or new clients over the phone, I hear "Oh no, I don't like crochet braids I want treebraids." Fear no more I have STOPPED suggesting it. However, there are exceptions: completely bald crown, for example.

I am absolutely amazed every time, in the age of crochet, that treebraids are preferred instead. But of course, when intricate hairlines are to be 're-designed', you don't call for the butcher. You find a skilled person in that craft who knows what they are doing, loves people, and will take good care of your hair. From having strongly recommended treebraids, to recommending crochet, and now back again based on feedback. Wow, who would have thought that treebraids would win out.

As you, my existing clients may already know, intricate work that looks seamless is a much slower process with treebraids, but you get what you pay for.

Here are the clients who still prefer treebraids:
  • Money is no object (real hair extensions usually used, though optional)
  • Has controlled hairloss (slight thinning)
  • Has severe hairloss
  • Higher level ranking personnel or business owner
  • Trusts treebraids for special occasions (can customize style)

Pre-looped, and Loose Hair, Basic, and Vixen.

Full sewin With Closure

Non-allergic, heat friendly braiding hair!


This new non-allergic synthetic hair is a game changer and its heat friendly too!

Big Special starting today -I'm celebrating finally managing my sugars since last week- it's taken effect, and I am excited! This means much faster braiding time for you! I love what I do and I am glad you braid with me!

Offer: Take $50 off all styles $160 or more Take $25 off all styles up to $150. Offer ends 11/29/17 unless scheduling for December. If you need hair let me know in advance if it's not 1b. I have added this amazing non-allergic 40" long deep wave hair, FREE!

Buying remy hair? Get it at cost on us- send us a screen shot of your total shopping cart and we will invoice you @ 30% off! Here is wishing you also health and happiness in your life. Let me know if I can help in any way I can. As always, I want to share my gratitude to you for being a client for this long. Kaale,

Monday, June 5, 2017

Finally! Goal Achieved For Treebraids, Hair extensions, and African Hair Braiding Site

Hello ladies, welcome to yet another blog.


Wow! Only this past May we blogged. Oh oh, I see an improvement here. Dare I say that every other month at least from now on, you can expect to read a blog entry from me, Treebraids by Kaale? Oh goodness, I believe once I make this statement, it should be a goal. Woah! Let's not get ahead of ourselves says I with a smile. This is definitely ambitious of me, especially at this time when everything online needs upgrading.

I remember when blogging on one platform or another was a weekly thing. It was amazing. My thoughts flowed right through my fingers and created hubs of knowledge shared worldwide. I also wrote articles more often. So why am I going down memory lane? The now upgraded main website gives me life. It's my baby of sorts.


It's okay to achieve a goal late if it cannot be helped. Especially when there are so many other goals to be achieved on the to do list that require almost daily attention. In life we don't always get it all.


Imagine you had a baby that needed something that you could not provide for. In real life that sucks! Well that was this website. Developers wanted thousands of dollars to upgrade it from the text link navigation based website that it was. Almost two decades later, its finally done. And it hardly cost anything close to that fortune.


I have learned, and still continue to learn, that the shiny toys are not always the best if they cannot be achieved. The only shiny toy I need are my skills and experience, and my wonderful, lovely clients who need hair replacement MAGIC fingers. Also, that if one truly desires a shiny toy and works long enough, it just might happen. It was always in the back of my mind. I wanted more for the site and every opportunity, would push a little harder for it. However, the truth is that there were other things more pressing, and more desirable, as mentioned in the previous post, that needed to be taken care of.

Wow! We are finally here with a website that no longer looks 'Mom and Pop'. To some, this is not an achievement, but for me and some of you readers who understand where I am coming from, this next level is HUGE. So now is all grown up and is all about hair, training, and educating, with a Hair Club. Even got its own grown up affiliate website now.

To those customers and fans who have waited so long to see this transition, I know you got to be like- finally! Right?

My sentiments exactly.


Let's keep pushing on. No matter what goal we have listed on our to do list, no matter how big the goal(s) may seem, let's pray for the strength, and health to see it through. God bless you all. If you are reading this, I hope that God blesses you immeasurably. Gives you the strength and the patience to see your goals through to fulfillment with many rainbows/ opportunities. God give you the faith to carry on. You can achieve what you set your mind to do- even if doing it alone. Or if it takes seemingly forever.

Follow your dreams!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Evolution of Treebraids - Treebraids by Kaale

Hello ladies, and welcome to another post, The Evolution of Treebraids, as referenced in the immediately previous blog.
Yes, there was a time when I took pictures of my work unfettered by lighting and editing!